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Actual subject
Professional skills in practice.
Care of Motherhood and Childhood one of the main spheres of healthcare system in our country, that stays under attention of the government. Strengthening and development of this sphere is prior activity of medicine.
26, 03.07.2009
Prevention of botulism
Botulism is very rare and very dangerous disease, sometimes leads to the death. That is why it is pretty hard to say exactly why it can appear and what should be done in order...
2, 16.01.2009
Sides of child's talent
7th of January in the Dedeman Silkroad hotel has been held seventh charity exhibition for children with physical disability.
1, 09.01.2009
Doctor and patient: modern relationships
Course of medical treatment is double-ended process. Patient always wants to have good doctor, but at the same time doctors lay a claim to patients too...
1, 09.01.2009
Tobacco smoking damages your health
At the present time nicotine problem bothers countries all over the world. According to WHO, every year 5 million people die because of nicotine addiction.
12, 25.03.2008
Regular care is necessary
Majority if our population consists youth. That's why it is necessary to bring up healthy, strong, moral generation.
12, 25.03.2008
On the psychology department of philosophy faculty of National University of Uzbekistan...
1, 01.01.2007
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