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Feeding of the child
Breast feeding is the only way new born child should be fed. Mother should put her child to breast 15-30 minutes after he has been born.
2, 16.01.2009
How to avoid iron-deficiency anemia
Iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) is widespread anemia type, which appears as a result of deficiency one of the most important element iron.
2, 16.01.2009
Communication between doctor and patient with pancreatic diabetes
Pancreatic diabetes (PD) is considered the hardest and incurable disease...
2, 16.01.2009
Reward for active activity
On the threshold of so long-waited New Year holiday employees of the Urban Clinical Hospital 7...
1, 09.01.2009
First weeks of life
When future mother gets to know that she carries a baby, her life extremely changes and becomes different from the lifestyle she kept before...
1, 09.01.2009
On the way of active development
From 9th till 24th December 2008 specialists of the World Bank of the healthcare in Uzbekistan will be holding their review mission.
49, 12.12.2008
Study laboratories of improving practical skills
10 years had passed since the beginning of reformation in the primary link of the healthcare in Uzbekistan.
49, 12.12.2008
Interactive methods in education of general practice doctors
Interactive method of education presupposes active participation of students themselves.
49, 12.12.2008
Patients with the bronchial asthma
The weakest link in the longitude treatment process of the bronchial asthma is the absence of the disease control and control of the effectiveness of therapy
49, 12.12.2008
Let's lend a helping hand
There are a lot of hard diseases treatment of which depends not only on professional degree of doctor. The issue is about that kind of illnesses which outcome is connected to charity, honesty and altruism of other people diseases, demanding donor's
24, 21.06.2008
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